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British Way English Academy comprises with state of art facilities,to be in touch with foremost requirements of the students who are willing to acquire sustainable progress in their educational background.


Lecturers –

The panel of lecturers consists of local and foreign well-experienced,professionally qualified and dynamic lecturers who have been trained  to render maximum service assuring rapid improvement of students adhering the rules and regulations of the establishments.

Classrooms –

Students are facilitated with spacious convenient and air conditioned classrooms comprises with audio-visual technological equipment,comfortable lecture chairs white board and other necessary educational materials,always captured by sophisticated system of C.C.T.V cameras.

Parking Space –

British Way English Academy authorized vacant yard,safeguarded by vigilant security guards and monitored by C.C.T.V cameras has been arranged for smooth and safe parking of vehicles.

 Canteen –

Separate food corner where there short-eats,tea,lunch,breakfast and other refreshments available,rich in hygiene is functioned by a food supplier assisted by a crew.

Entertainment –

All the batches are entitled to a musical programme conducted by talented musicians who play classical songs so as to relax students from stress and monotony,in calm min-relaxing programmes.

Transportation –

As British Way English Academy is located facing the Colombo-Kandy main road,those who wish to reach here can enjoy easy and fast access.

Internet –

Free wifi facility and internet cafe provides the students extraordinary opportunity to do their comprehensively and efficiently.

Medical Unit –

 Special attention and care given to sick students by professional nurses and health care takers assure  the health and physical fitness of students.

Physical Training –

Regular physical training exercises and yoga techniques conducted by professional P.T instructors retired from military service enhance the physical strength,skills and confidence of the students.

Text book / Printed Materials –

Test books and Other necessary printed materials ,CD’s are provided free of charge in accordance with the syllabus.

Brtish Way English Academy T-Shirts –

 High quality T-Shirts, specific for classroom studies and extra-curricular activities are provided for all the students free of charge.

Drinking Water –

Approved standard of hygiene,as per the conditions of public Health Department and Water Board.

Distant Communication –

Academic students are given land phones once a week to talk to their parents and loved ones.

Student Counselling –

If anyone is found to be mentally depressed,disappointing or somewhat abnormal in behavior they are counselled and motivated to cope up with the situation considering their privacy and status.

Library –

Books and magazines on different subjects and English story and grammar books are availabale in the libarary fullfilling the quote of “Readng makes a full man “



+94 33 202 41 41


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