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Student Visa


Student visa valid for the duration of the course is granted to foreign students coming to Sri Lanka to pursue a course of regular and fulltime academic studies in a recognized institution. Students under 16 years of age can apply visa for parents/guardians to remain in the country.

Students MUST have Entry Visa before traveling to Sri Lanka. Approval for entry visa for students is processed only in Colombo by the Department of Immigration. Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions are not issuing Entry Visa for students unless prior entry visa approval is given by the Immigration Department in Colombo.

Students under no circumstances should use online visa system (ETA) or tourist / business visa to travel to Sri Lanka. Change of visa types is NOT permitted in Sri Lanka.

Application procedures

This is a three-step application procedure
  • Obtaining Entry visa approval from the Department of Immigration in Colombo
  • Collecting Entry Visa endorsement from the nearest Sri Lanka Diplomatic Mission and travel to Sri Lanka
  • After arrival to Sri Lanka, collect student visa endorsement on passport at the Department of Immigration in Colombo Immigration Visitor Service Center in Colombo.

You can now apply Student Entry Visa at our Immigration Visitor Service Center in Colombo. Visitor Services Center has been fully approved and authorized by the Department of Immigration.

Applying at our Immigration Visitor Service Center is highly recommended if you are planning to invite foreign nationals to Sri Lanka. We also offer additional services such as document collection from door steps and delivering back Visa. We also offer special discounted rates for our clients seeking Visa extensions.

Required Documents

  • Foreign student intending to study in Sri Lanka should first contact the education provider and seek admission to a study programme
  • Education provider then will apply to the Department of Immigration for entry visa approval
  • The Department of Immigration will notify the nearest Sri Lanka Diplomatic Mission of the entry visa approval of the foreign student.
  • Foreign student should report to the nearest Sri Lanka Diplomatic Mission to obtain the Entry Visa endorsed on the passport
  • Upon arrival to Sri Lanka, immigration may grant entry for specified period at the port of entry.
  • Upon entering Sri Lanka, before the expiry of the visa given at the port of entry, the passport of the foreigner should be referred to the Department of Immigration for stamping student visa on it.

Applicable government visa fee and tax for this visa type is Rs. 20,000 per year. For students enrolled in government Universities visa fee and tax is Rs. 10,000 per year.

Our main campus at Nittambuwa has its own comfortable accommodation within the college premises. If you wish to study at any of the other branches, our staff will help you find self-catered accommodation around the campus which suits to your budget.

The finance department of British Way English Academy supports all international students to open accounts in reputed banks in Sri Lanka.  The nearest bank is across the road of the Nittambuwa campus.

The multi-ethnic environment in Sri Lanka has created a very rich food culture. As such, there are restaurants and cafés around the campus that cater Sri Lankan to global cuisines with dining options for all budgets.

Sri Lankan climate is tropical and consists of distinct wet and dry seasons. You can expect rains between the months of May and September. Hill country areas of Sri Lanka are generally cooler and more temperate, whereas the coastal areas are warmer with average temperatures ranging from 27 ֯C to about 35 degrees ֯C.