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British Way English Academy is a private language school based in Sri Lanka. It’s the best of its kind where we aim to perfect your language skills.

Here at British Way English Academy, we give you an opportunity to learn English for a lifetime. The academy offers an excellent range of courses to suit your needs in the global context. with 13 Branches Island wide producing and graduating over 21,000 students annually under the expert guidance of our dynamic, well-educated team of lecturers since 2010

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We follow a very flexible learning process where the training provided is completely tailored to an individual’s need

Affordable Cost

A wide range of course available for your bright career. If you want the convenience of self-study

Interactive Classroom

 Interactive classroom approach adopted by British Way to training helps seamless transition to thinking in English.

Quality Training

Our syllabuses are determined upon understanding in order to assist the teacher to fill the student’s learning gaps.

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