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A/L Residential School

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A/L Residential School is a unique program which enables students after O/L exam to follow A/L subjects and face A/L examination in 15 months instead of wasting more than two years of their lives as a normal A/L student would do. Those who want to migrate or save a lot of time to plan for a better future can join this program and learn all their preferred A/L subjects at one place and enter the university one year earlier than the normal students. Students can select from Maths, Science, Tech, Arts and Commerce streams and complete all the syllabuses, tutorials, paper classes and many other trainings related to their selected A/L stream to face the examination with confidence. All the students are provided with accommodation, food, and medical facilities in a very safe and comfortable environment for a very economical monthly payment. All the students are provided with personal guidance while their personality and positive thinking are being developed to a maximum level.

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