A/L Revision Camp – Britishway English Academy

A/L Revision Camp

Residential Programme for A/L Preparation

A ground-breaking approach to university admission is pioneered here; enabling hundreds of A/L repeaters obtain higher island rankings and university admission in all the subject streams. Our Advanced Level faculty provides the students with all the academic support and guidance with an intensive course of study in Mathematics, Science, Bio, Tech and Arts streams (Sinhala medium).

All the students are facilitated with enough exposure to carry out their self-study with the support of teachers and a calm environment to continue their studies. Personality development, leadership training, positive thinking workshops, sports and entertainment are just some of other valuable experiences they gain at British Way English Academy A/L Revision Camp.

This programme is ideal for you if:

  • You are willing to work to get good results for A/Ls.
  • You need special support and guidance to overcome your fears and sit again for A/Ls.
  • You are looking for peace of mind in a secured environment for learning.
  • COURSE LENGTH: 7 months +
  • ENTRY LEVEL: G.C.E Advanced Level
  • MINIMUM AGE: 18 Years
  • CLASS SIZE: Average 25, maximum 35

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