O/L Revision Camp – Britishway English Academy

O/L Revision Camp

Residential Programme for O/L Preparation

This programme is designed especially for those who are preparing to sit for O/L again. We offer revision with qualified teachers for every major subject with individual attention for every student, and state-of-art classes prepared in calm and ideal learning environments.

This is a result-guaranteed course and the students are trained to overcome their fears and face challenges to achieve their goals with the help of positive-thinking workshops and leadership training. Students’ discipline is highly concerned and good manners are inculcated into them during the training.

Students are provided with comfortable class rooms, hostels and cutting edge teaching materials with individual attention from our professionally-qualified experienced panel of teachers, teaching assistants, well-trained wardens and medical staff.

This programme is ideal for you if:

  • You are willing to work to get good results for O/Ls.
  • You need special support and guidance to overcome your fears and sit again for O/Ls.
  • You are looking for peace of mind in a secured environment for learning.
  • COURSE LENGTH: 6 months+
  • ENTRY LEVEL: G.C.E Ordinary Level
  • MINIMUM AGE: 16 Years old
  • CLASS SIZE: Average 25, maximum 35
  • COURSE STRUCTURE: Revision, paper classes and individual counseling for all O/L subjects (Sinhala Medium)

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